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 Two Person or Full Width Cardboard Cutouts

 Photo approval required before purchasing, send image to: almostrealstandups@gmail.com

See tips below for photos: For wedding anniversary props, look for a photo that was taken by a photographer. Small wallet size photos will not work, group photos generally are not good to use as the subjects are far away in the shot. Many older photos were printed on a textured paper and this can create patterns in your photo when enlarged, taking a picture of a photo will not work, you will need to scan just the couple in the photo at 600 dpi, look below for detailed scanning instructions.

Tips for Scanning Photos: If you are scanning a photo, you will need to open the scanner program on your computer, this could be in your applications folder, or in your dock on your desktop. When it opens you should see an option for overview or preview, click on this and you should then see the photo. Grab your mouse and hold down the left side and pull a tight rectangle right on the people, not the whole photo, just the people, then look usually to your right and you should see options for the scanner, look for the dpi or resolution setting which is usually set on 72, change it to 600 (do not go larger or you will not be able to email it) then click scan. You can take your photo to a local printer or office supply store, make sure the store has a flat bed scanner, many office supply stores will try and scan your photo on a copy machine with a document scanner, this will be completely unusable.

When you get a scanned photo that you think will work, open it on a computer and enlarge one of their faces to about the size of your open hand, this will give you a good idea how it would look printed. Then send the image in for review.

Tips for Digital Photos: We are looking for a high resolution image. One taken on a digital camera on the highest setting of 300, one downloaded from a smart phone at the largest pixel size, something around 2400 x 1200 pixels, the larger the photo the better (cell phones tend to put grain in photos when taken indoors.) Try to get on eye level with the subject of the photo. Don't shoot down as this will distort the image. Lighting is very important, low light will distort and add grain to the photo. Images taken off Facebook will not work as they have been compressed, screen shots will not work. Do not take a picture of a photograph, this will not work. jpeg format is great.

We cut out around the figure, removing all the background, except the area around the legs, your background will show here to form a base and hide the easel that attaches to the back to make the cutout free standing.

Shipping to the contiguous United States Only. Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and any Military address is additional.

Contact us with any questions

Email: almostrealstandups@gmail.com • Phone: 480-508-1140  Pacific Time

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  • 3 foot Two Person Cutout $77.00
  • 4 foot Two Person Cardboard Cutout $106.00
  • 5 foot two person Cardboard Cutouts $141.00
  • 6 foot two person Cardboard Cutout $151.85
  • 7 foot, 2 person Cardboard Cutout $172.00
  • 8 foot two person Cardboard Cutout $199.00