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Is assembly required and will my cardboard cutout be folded?
Photo life size Cardboard Cutouts which are 2 & 3 foot tall and do not exceed a width of 29 inches, will come unfolded with easel attached, no assembly required. Life size cutouts which are 4-8 foot tall will come scored by a thin cut in the backing material and then folded, easel is separate and will require easy assembly, instructions included. Easels come standard with adhesive double faced tape to attach the easel to the cutout. Once this is applied the easel will be permanent. There is an option in the order form to select velcro, so you can make your easel removable. Any cardboard cutout which exceeds a finished size which is over 30 inches tall as well as 30 inches wide will also have to be folded to meet shipping requirements.

Storing Custom Cardboard Cutouts.
We do not recommend storing your plastic or life size custom cardboard cutouts folded for long periods of time as this can damage your project in the scored area. Fold your life size cardboard cutout for transportation only. Then store flat and unfolded (slid life size cardboard standups under a desk or bed etc.) 

Dimensions for Life Sized Custom Cardboard Cutouts.
Wondering how to make cardboard standups? When creating cardboard cutouts of yourself, remember that each cardboard cutout has a maximum size. If your photo takes up all of the width than the height will come up proportionately and may not reach the full height of the cardboard cutout, as many times the full width will not be used as well. You can use the dimensions for height or width, so if your photo is horizontal then your custom life size cardboard cutouts will be wider than they are tall. So keep in mind with your photos when arms are extended to the side or over head that this will reduce the finished size of your project.

What type of files do we accept?
When attaching an image in the website order form, please upload a jpeg. If your photo is in a different file format such as tiff, eps, pdf, png, vector, please attach these formats to an email and send directly to our art department after you place your order on line. Our email address is: almostrealstandups@gmail.com.

How Big Does My Photo need to be?
The file needs to be a minimum of 1200 x 1200 pixels (double this size if possible) or scanned at 600 dpi, scan only the photo, not all of the scanner bed. If you are taking the picture on a digital camera, take the photo on the highest setting on at least a 5 mega pixel camera. Pictures taken on smart phones will work as well, but when you download the photo from your phone, you need to download it as Full size, which is the largest resolution of the photo. If you would like to send your photo in for review before you place an order, please attach your picture and send it to:  almostrealstandups@gmail.com  our art department will review the photo and let you know if it will reproduce properly before you order.

Selections on Order Form.
When you start your order all the default buttons are selected for you for the base cardboard cutout. The only thing you will need to do on this page is upload your image, WHICH IS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE 2 lines down from the Rating stars. If you want any upgrades, such as speech bubble or a face hole cutout, etc. then you would change the preselected buttons. Explanation of options below.

Default Button Explanations.

1ST BUTTON with red asterisk - STANDUP MATERIAL: We have two options, standard double wall cardboard, or smooth 4 mil PVC plastic , this plastic is flexible

2ND BUTTON with red asterisk SPEECH BUBBLE, this will be a cartoon style speech bubble with 3 options to choose from, if you select the BLANK INSIDE speech bubble, when you write on this it will be permanent.

3RD BUTTON with asterisk  - FACE CUT OUT - this option means we will cut a physical oval in the cutout so a real person can put their face in to take photos with.

The next asterisk also applies only to the face hole cut out - FOR FACE CUTOUT LEAVE IN BACKGROUND. When you order a face cutout we generally leave your project as a rectangle to hide the person standing behind the cutout, only in rare cases do we cut out around the figure as the image would have to have very large features to hide a person standing behind the cutout.

The FIFTH BUTTON - ARTWORK - Finish my image. Many times people submit photos without arms or legs, if this is the case select the 1/2 hour artwork. Only select the 1 hour option when extensive art is needed, such editing another person into the photo, changing clothing etc.

The final button is WHITE BACKGROUND BASE. We will cut out all around your figure except the area between the legs, this area will be left solid to hide the easel that attaches to the back and the original background of your photo will show here. If you do not like your background we can make this area white.

GROMMETS are brass rings we will punch into your project, please note on the cardboard the punch will crinkle around the grommet. In the special instruction please indicate where you would like the grommets. Top, bottom, sides, etc.

VELCRO, standard the easels come with strong double faced tape, once you apply this the easel will be permanently attached to your cutout. If you want to remove the easel select the velcro option.

Do you charge for more than one person in cardboard cutouts custom made?

No. You get a specific area for each custom photo stand ins. You can print as much as you like in this area, but the image you upload cannot exceed the width of your project. If this happens then we will take the photo to the full width and the height will come up in proportion, thus your cardboard cutouts might not extend to the full height ordered.

Do you offer discounts?
Discounts are available when ordering 5 or more cardboard cutouts of the same size, as the quantity increase the discount will also increase. The website will automatically discount for multiple pieces. To get a quote just go into the order form on the website and put in your quantity, add to cart and you will see the price per cardboard cutout and total. You can also get a quote for the shipping. We specialize in all types of stand up photo cutouts for individuals as well as businesses, quantity tier pricing is available for larger quantities.

When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will be charged at the time you place the order by our credit card processing service. We actually never see any of your credit card information. Please send your photo in for review before ordering your cardboard cutout. All orders will be reviewed for quality of photo or artwork and customer will be contacted immediately if image is not suitable for cutout and order can be cancelled at this time.

Can I Cancel My Order?
You can cancel your life size cardboard cutout custom, before item is printed. Once printing is complete of your cardboard cutouts, item cannot be cancelled. If we have done customer artwork for you, there will be a charge for the artwork.

What If My Item Does Not Arrive As Scheduled?
We ship all items either FedEx, UPS, or USPS. As reliable as these companies are at times, even they miss their deadlines. In case this should happen a claim will be made by us with these companies and appropriate refunds returned to you. However, we cannot control weather occurances, flood, fire, snow or any other natural disasters and unavoidable delays can occur due to unpassable conditions, when these occur no claims can be made and if it is completely out of our control, no refund will be issued.

What if my item arrives damaged?
In the rare case of this, the cardboard cutouts will be reprinted and shipped to you, and we will seek compensation from the shipping companies. Our packaging is professional and sturdy. Each box is custom made for your project from double wall cardboard.


Each cutout is folded if applicable, with an easel enclosed or attached, depending on size of cutout. An envelope is enclosed with instructions. A custom cardboard box is created specifically for your cardboard cutouts shape and size.

Shipping Outside the United States.
We ship to the United States and Canada. We will ship to other countries on special order.

Shipping Options are for the Contiguous United States only. 

There are many options for delivery. Arrival time from 12 business days, to two business days, the faster you need it the more these options cost. 

Contact Email: almostrealstandups@gmail.com

Phone: 480-508-1140