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Custom Cardboard Cutouts
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Pricing below is on our standard and popular corragated cardboard.

  • Description using appropriate keywords here $31.00
  • Custom Life Size Cardboard Cutouts Up to 3 foot $49.00
  • Custom Life Size Cardboard Cutout Up to 4 foot $69.00
  • Custom Life Size Cardboard Cutouts Up to 5 foot $89.00
  • Custom Life Size Cardboard Cutout Up to 6 foot $98.00
  • Custom Life Size Cardboard Cutouts Up to 7 foot $122.00
  • Custom Graduation Life Size Cardboard Cutout Up to 8 foot $146.00

Make custom lifesize cardboard cutouts from any photo or graphic.


Order custom life size cardboard standups from your photo, graphic or artwork. Life size cardboard standups are a perfect addition to any event or party.

If you are wondering “Where can I get life size cardboard cutouts?” Look no further and let us show you how to make custom life size cardboard cutouts from your image. These cut out stand ups are the perfect addition to create personalized birthday party decorations, cardboard display stands or fun props at graduation parties, bridal shower props or unique gift ideas or cardboard cutouts of self or family memebers. Create custom dog cutouts, custom cat cutouts, animal cardboard cutouts, custom cut out of my child, custom people cutouts. All lifesize photo cutouts come standard with double wing easels to make them free standing. Lifesize cutouts make exceptional trade show displays to draw people into your booth and with our unsurpassed quality and high standards, we will make you look good. Send the perfect custom gift or create the ultimate custom lifesize cutouts display, all made from any high resolution photo, artwork or design. Send a digital file of your artwork or photo and we will scan it for free, or let us create a custom design for you. Free color correction as well and repair of minor imperfections on all photos with a choice of materials, double wall cardboard or smooth plastic PVC board. What ever your idea or project we can make it come to life! Our reviews speak for themselves about our custom made cardboard cutouts. Order cardboard cutouts from our website 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Business benefits of Lifesize Cardboard Cutouts

• Increase product traffic with your promotion by creating a custom cardboard cutout.
• Attention getting and Cheap Cardboard Standups for Retailers.
• Quantity Tier Pricing starting at 5 pieces.
• Drop shipping available to multiple locations.
• Full knowledgeable graphic services available to solve any production requests.
• Contact us today to receive a custom quote for your life size cutout stand ups.

Wonder how to make cardboard standups for your party?

• Send the photo for your life size card board cut out prior to ordering for quality check.
• Once approved select the size of your life size cutout in the on-line order form.
• Upload the photo for the personalized cardboard cutout stand ups and check out...it’s that easy.
• Choose options, lifesize cardboard cutouts with face hole, or cardboard cutouts with speech bubbles.

Make any special occasion memorable with a custom cardboard cutout, great Christmas gifts, unique props for graduation parties, retirement parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties or remember a loved one. These personalized cardboard cutouts make awesome wedding standins....custom dog cutouts or custom cat cutouts, with easy transport to the wedding or event. Create custom life size cardboard cutouts athletes, life size cardboard cutouts actors. Create custom cardboard cutouts to stand in their place on your special day or on holidays. 

Customized cardboard cutouts photograph great, the matt finish reduces glare.

Shipping options for your custom cardboard cutout: Shipping options include production time and delivery time, no additional rush fees or add ons. Select your shipping option at check out. 

Tips for Photographs: We are looking for a high resolution image. One taken on a digital camera on the highest setting, one downloaded from a smart phone at the largest pixel size, something around 2400 x 1200 pixels, the larger the photo the better. Try to get on an eye level with the subject of the photo. Don't shoot down as this will distort the image. Lighting is very important, low light will distort and add grain to the photo. Images taken off Facebook will not work as they have been compressed. Jpeg format is great.

 If you have any doubt about the quality of your photo please send it in for review before you purchase. Send photo to our direct email: almostrealstandups@gmail.com

Shipping to contiguous United States: Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Military addresses and Canada is additional.

Call 941-209-8849 Monday - Friday 9-5:00 Mountain time

Email: almostrealstandups@gmail.com

Almost Real Custom Cardboard Cutouts Almost Real Custom Cardboard Cutouts Almost Real Custom Cardboard Cutouts Almost Real Custom Cardboard Cutouts