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Cardboard Dog and Cats, or anything else....

Photo approval required before purchasing, send image to: almostrealstandups@gmail.com

Tips for Digital photos:
We are looking for a high resolution image. One taken on a digital camera on the highest setting of 300, one downloaded from a smart phone at the largest pixel size, something around 2400 x 1200 pixels, the larger the photo the better. Get on an eye level with the subject of the photo, if you shoot down, or from above, it will distort the image, make the head look large and body small. If you are using a phone try and take the photo outdoors in strong light, but not full sunshine. Low indoor light will create grain and distortion in the image from any device, using the flash indoors will probably create a red eye effect. Photos downloaded off any social media site will not work as they have been compressed. Jpeg format is great.

Create a custom made cardboard cutout of your favorite pet, or person, these make great photo booth props at weddings, personalized gifts for the college student, to make them feel at home, or a fun gift for a relative. We print your image on vinyl, then adhere it to the double wall cardboard, cut out right on the edge of your image removing the back ground. The back ground of your photo will show around the legs as we form a base to make the cutout free standing and hide the easel in the back. Our products and service are top quality, just check our reviews.

If you are creating a cutout of your favorite pet, take a moment to measure them from feet to top of ears, as they are not as tall as you might think. My dog is huge and lanky, yet only 32 inches to top of head. If you order a 36 inch cutout, it will be much larger than life size, which is fine, as long as that is what you want.


Contact us with any questions

Email: almostrealstandups@gmail.com • Phone: 480-508-1140

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  • 16 inch Cardboard cutout $33.00
  • 17 inch Cardboard Cutout $33.50
  • 18 inch Cardboard Cutout $34.00
  • 21 inch cardboard cutout $35.50
  • 24 inch Cardboard Cutouts $37.00
  • 25 inch cardboard cutout $37.75
  • 27 inch Cardboard Cutouts $40.75
  • 30 inch Cardboard Cutouts $49.00
  • 33 inch Cardboard Cutout $52.00
  • 36 inch Cardboard Cutout $61.00
  • 38 inch Cardboard Cutout $63.50
  • 48 inch cutout $77.85