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  • 1/2 Hour Artwork $20.00
  • 18 x 24 Custom Poster $22.00
  • 24 x 36 Custom Poster $31.00
  • 36 x 48 Custom Poster $47.00
  • 48 x 72 Custom Poster $84.00
  • 48 x 96 Custom Poster $121.00
  • Foam Core Sign 18 x 30 $76.00
  • Foam Core Sign 24 x 36 $89.00
  • Foam Core Sign 29 x 42 $108.00

Photo approval required before purchasing, send image to: almostrealstandups@gmail.com


To order click on the size of your poster or foam core sign on left. Visit the home page for other products.


• Custom posters
• Design your own poster
• Personalized posters
• Large posters
• Business posters

Order custom made posters and foam core signs, all from your original photograph or graphic design or let us create the artwork for you at additional cost. Posters are printed on heavy semi gloss paper, with stunning detail and vivid color. Foam core sign printed on sturdy and smooth foam core material, then shipped to your location. Create prints of your children, sporting activities, favorite pets or wedding photos, signage for business or events all custom made. High resolution image required. No photos downloaded from facebook, these are to small and have been compressed. Full graphic services available. Minimum file size is 1200 pixels, the larger the resolution the better and clearer the finished product. Please check out our custom cardboard cutouts, auto magnets and face on a sticks which make excellent party favors.

Please send your photo in for preview before ordering to: 

Email: almostrealstandups@gmail.com or contact us by phone with any questions. 


9-5 Monday-Friday  Pacific Time